If you think of the contemporary phones and other smart devices that can be charged wirelessly, then you wouldn’t find a huge difference from the earlier cradle charging ports for CDMA phones. If you haven’t seen our iPhone 7 Advances article check it out!  The cradles had wire and they allowed you to just dock a device onto the pad or port and the device would get charged. Granted that those devices had rather unsightly metal strips to facilitate the charging, that has now been done away with. Today, wireless charging pads are neater, cooler and they facilitate charging using a much more advanced technology. However, one still has to dock a phone or smart watch on the charging pad, get the device hooked to the port and only then can it get charged. It is not wireless charging as we would have liked it. We imagine wireless charging as an exercise where you could recharge a compatible device or battery from wherever you want, across a room or from a different end of your couch while the charger remains plugged or installed at a fixed place.

That can now be a reality if rumors about Apple’s plans with wireless charging are to be believed. Apple is developing a particular wireless charging technology that would allow your iPhone or Apple Watch to be charged within a radius of a meter. You could be anywhere in the room or even in adjacent rooms with a substantial clear view, as long as you are within a meter radius from the wireless charger, your device will get charged. If Apple can manage to pull this off, then it would be a one of a kind development, something that the company has done time and again.

The one meter radius wireless charging technology is not outright speculation. There is a patent that Apple owns which describes this particular technology as using a hub, perhaps an iMac, to wirelessly recharge other devices in close range. The real challenge for Apple now is to develop it and make sure that it is safe.

While it is desirable to walk into a commercial establishment or even your friend’s house and have your iPhone get automatically connected after sensing a wireless charger in range, it does pose some risks. The devices, the chargers and the people in the vicinity would be exposed to what is obviously wireless transmission of electricity. That is quite tricky to manage.


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