The New iPad Air 2

The launch of Ipad Air 2 has proved something that was already known to the mass: there is no competition for Apple in the tablet market. Ipad Air 2 solidifies Apple’s position on the top even though the tab itself doesn’t bring much newer features than Ipad Air. It does however show massive improvement from the previous Ipads.

Battery Life: The first and foremost thing that I personally look into gadgets is their battery life. The Ipad Air 2 has a tremendous battery life and is the perfect tab for people who forget to charge their gadgets regularly. Its battery life is huge to the point where you can spend almost the full day without re charging it. It’s good for people who tend to go on watching show marathons as well as going on long trips.

Performance: the iPad Air 2’s A8X chip isn’t much of an upgrade from the A7 of the Ipad Air however it is a massive leap from the AX5 of the previous Ipads. There is a 2GB RAM which is a significant improvement from the 512MB of the previous tabs. In simpler terms, Ipad Air 2 gives a far smoother performance than before. If you are a gamer then you can instantly feel the ease at which you can play games with it.

The Air2 consist of an 8 mega pixel camera which is actually pretty decent. It isn’t as good as the Iphone camera but it still takes far better pictures than other tabs.

The IpadAir 2 is only 6.1mm thick, making it the slimmest tablet in the current market. It weighs at 0.98 pound thereby living up to his name of being “Air”. You can actually lift this thing with only three fingers and feel nothing when carrying it in your bag. The Air 2 has one of the best screens around. When you reach out and touch icons, it feels more like you’re actually touching them than ever before. The screen also has fewer glares thereby making it easier to stare at.

The downside of the Ipad Air 2 however is that if you own an Ipad Air then you won’t feel much difference. And if you can’t see or feel the difference then it makes the gadget quite obsolete. Also the Air2 is quite expensive making it a burden for the pocket. Also even though the Itouch ID is a new feature it still requires a password making the whole fingerprint thing redundant.

To conclude the Ipad Air 2 is an upgrade on the previous Ipads and the rest of the tabs in the market. It may be expensive and not much of a novelty for existing Ipad Air users; it still makes sense to purchase Air2 if you are looking for a better performing tab.

What do you think? Is the iPad Air 2 worth the upgrade from the iPad Air original? Do you own the iPad Air 2? Share your thoughts below!

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