Every subsequent generation of a major smart phone comes with a few updates and upgrades. It holds true for Samsung, Apple, HTC or Motorola and every other player in the space. Samsung Galaxy S7 is being heavily pitted against the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. The two have been rivals over the last six years and that rivalry will scale new heights, only Samsung is perhaps going to succeed in getting a head start of at least half a year, if not more. Apple is unlikely to roll out its iPhone 7 before September.

Samsung S7 leaked images

Samsung S7 leaked images

After months of speculations, there are a few features that we can now say for sure would be available in the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Korean company is coming out with a standard Galaxy S7 and two variants, tentatively to be called S7 Edge and S7 Edge+. These two would have curved screen. Galaxy S6 had an amazing design and Samsung would not toy with any changes that would risk its popularity. The best features of S6 are going to stay. In other words, Samsung Galaxy S7 would be stunning to look at and hold, it would have the Gorilla Glass front and rear, it will be light and slim. The 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches S7s could very well be 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches eventually. Samsung is working on 3D Touch, trying to rival the same feature on Apple devices but it may or may not be able to have that in time to roll out in the Galaxy S7.

There were a few features that had been received with high anticipation when the S5 was launched but they made a prompt exit from the S6. The no-show of several features was criticized. Some of them are going to return with the Samsung Galaxy S7. As we all gear up for the launch, here are five major features that you would, in all likelihood, get in your Samsung Galaxy S7.

s7 leak

Samsung S7 leaked screen

  • According to several sources reporting a leak, S7 will have the IP67 rated dust and water resistance. Apple is working on perfecting its iPhone with a metal body being waterproofed without any major downsides on the design quotient. Samsung had successfully launched a waterproof plastic phone, the Galaxy S5. Returning to metallic case would have compromised the same feature but the leak claims that Samsung has managed to make a waterproof metallic case Galaxy S7. If both Samsung and Apple deliver on this claim, then it will be one fight to watch out for.
  • Samsung S7 will come with expandable storage. This is again a feature that we did not get in the S6. It was criticized. Samsung doesn’t have the same modus operandi or even the same business policies as Apple and those who love the Korean brand love that fact about it. While one can debate whether or not the move was wise, it is heartening to see that Samsung Galaxy S6 would have microSD slot that would be compatible with cards for storage capacity of up to 200GB. That is phenomenal. Apple is all set to continue with its rigid approach and that just might give an edge to Samsung.
  • Samsung is reducing the megapixel count on its camera with the S7. The drop is otherwise sharp, from 16 MP to 12 MP. However, the phone would have a super-fast aperture to improve action shots and to enable shooting in low-light conditions. Anyone who is familiar with cameras or photography would know that megapixel is just a unit used to sell consumer electronics, especially phones with cameras. The real trick is the lens and features like focal length, aperture and shutter speed. The drop in four megapixels will not be noticeable to the average eye and the new add-ons will only enhance the camera.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 will come loaded with 4GB RAM. It is also being powered by Android Marshmallow so one can expect a further improvement in how the phone uses random memory. The 4G RAM may surprise a few but it was coming, an obvious upgrade necessary for savvy users of the day.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with a better battery. Leaks suggest that the S7 would have a battery life of 20% more than the S6. The S7 Edge may have 40% better battery life than the S6. This is again a sharp contrast when you consider Apple devices. The iPhones have been getting frustratingly ill-equipped to power the needs of savvy users.

As we inch closer to the launch of the anticipated S7, we hope these features are certain and we also hope to see a few more that would be truly impressive. It is one thing to get what you expect, another to be a tad surprised.


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