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Galaxy S6 Prototype Pictures

Release Date

The expected release of the S6 is March or April of 2015. There is no firm release date yet, but it is expected to be released around being showcased at the MWC (Mobile World Conference) which occurs in March of 2015. The Galaxy S6 is the flagship of the Samsung line and it is much anticipated with tons of rumors of what the S6 will have and how it willbe improved over the S5.


It is expected that Samsung is going to retain the AMOLED display but that the resolution will be better. The rumors are that it will be using 4K and it is believed that it will have a bigger screen than the S5. It appears that Samsung may also go with a flexible display where the display actually curves around the sides of the device. It is also expected to be UHD capable.

Samsung is expected to be releasing the S6 with Android Land that the S6 will have a 64 bit processor from Qualcomm of the 808 or 810 variety. Which one will depend on if Samsung goes with 4K or 2K display. This processor works well with a minimum of 3 GB of RAM but it probably be increased to 4GB. It may be that the S6 comes with the even better Exynos 8000 chip which is lightening fast.


The rumor mill is running fast and hard that Samsung is finally abandoning the plastic casing in favor or an all metal case. It is believed to be true as the Note4 has a metal case. The plastic back will probably be maintained to allow access to the battery.

Operating System

It is believed that Samsung will be using the Android L operating system which should increase speeds over the Android 4.0 currently in use in the S5. The TouchWiz will still be in use with refinements to make it sleeker and keep it streamlined.


It appears that the S6 will have a 20 MP sensor camera. If Samsung goes with OIS with this camera the design may be slightly thicker to accommodate this system. If they choose not to use OIS they can have a phone that can be thinner and lighter but rumors are that they will include OIS.


It is rumored that the S6 will have a bigger battery with longer life and hopefully they have figured out how to make it lighter.


It is assumed that Samsung will continue to maintain its Health Apps, as well as the Micro SD slot. It will probably retain both the water and dust resistance capabilities. The Fingerprint Feature is definitely staying seeing as it works and has been certified by PayPal. Since the Note4 has a UV sensor, we can assume the S6 will have one too.


It is hoped that the pricing will be similar to the S5 at about $750.00 without a contract, but this is probably going to be based on how much technology the S6 is packing. If it truly upgrades and gives us something really new and innovative, the price could go as high as $1,000.00. There will of course be discounts for obtaining with your phone carrier and signing up for a contract. The carriers are expected to offer generous trade-ins for turning in your old S5.
Wish List
It is hoped that the S6 comes with a better speaker and microphone system, a dual forward facing speaker is what fans want.
While Samsung has managed to protect the S6 from leaks, there is much talk about a bendable screen which probably won’t show up on the S6 but it is coming, as is the possibly of a retina scanner with iris detection. Not for the S6 but definitely cool.
Squeezy controls that would come from a flexible phone that would return to its original shape, so if it’s in the back pocket, it bends not breaks.
Until the release date is closer we probably won’t see any leaks on what is coming in the Galaxy S6, but to be sure it is going to be an updated, innovative phone.


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