I remember a few updates back, or should I say, a few years back; Mac OS updates weren’t free. You had to pay for the latest software, and it wasn’t always cheap. But free is cheap, and before we review the pros and cons of the FREE software, let’s take a moment to thank Apple Inc. for their generosity and willingness to give!

Now. Down to business. Mac OS X Yosemite was a day and night difference from its predecessor software updates. It was a complete transformation. Giving a whole new array of apps and features, whilst also bridging a technological gap between the Mac and other IOS devices.

Now the new El Capitan update isn’t the update of the decade. No. It’s an OS X update that fixes all the bugs and errors from the previous update. It isn’t something that you will be able to feel that easily, but will notice when you look closely. But for sure all users of Mac, should update to this software, if they haven’t already.

El Capitan bolsters many new features in its system update the ability to create to-do lists, and create quick checklists, whilst also adding some sense of style to it all. You can also format text, add photos, maps, links, and etc. You see it as soon as you have downloaded the new software and start using it. You can see that a new font is used, called San Francisco, the graphics are a bit deeper, and much more.


The Spotlight has always been the spotlight of all the OS X updates. It’s one of the most important functions and features in the Mac. It helps us find exactly what we’re looking for, and whenever we need it. The Yosemite update gave Spotlight the ability to foresee far beyond the files on your Mac. It could pinpoint information from Wikipedia or location based results. El Capitan has taken Spotlight a step further. Suppose you want to know what the weather will be like in Berlin, just simply type “weather in Berlin” and you will receive weather forecasts for that area. There are also a bunch of other search criteria that you can now input and it will scrounge it all up for you, making your life that much easier.

safari-8-icon-100596237-largeThe amazing and most loved Safari browser also has seen a few tweaks here and there, but nothing that is really out of the ordinary. You can now pin tabs by grabbing a tab and dragging it to the left, or right click it and select the menu option. The tab will then be pinned to the corner.

Now I know that this isn’t really the Holy Grail of features, but for me it’s absolutely wonderful. The constricted tabs make it so much easier as to not accidentally close a tab. And the tabs refresh in the background without you even noticing anything.

Another cool feature is that you can mute the tabs by clicking on the sound sign from the address bar. Apple TV can also be connected so you can play videos and other fun stuff right from a Web page on your TV. The new tweaks to Safari are helping to mac sure it is up to date with its competitor browsers. You will never want to use Google Chrome ever again!

split view

Split View, is exactly what it sounds, it let’s you have two apps side-by-side; great for writing emails and doing research on Safari at the same time. I personally don’t like using Split View on my Mac, but it’s easy to see how someone can blend this into his or her daily use. Now I know that Split View isn’t really something to get all hyped up about seeing as Windows computers have been offering the same feature for something that seems like years now. But hey! We Mac lovers take whatever we get!

There is no real noticeable increase in speed and application performance. All the normal applications that I use on a day-to-day basis haven’t increased in performance. But then again we already knew that the El Capitan update was just going to be about adding a few simple features and making the Mac a little bit cooler. But I did have some high hopes that this new update would increase the battery life of the Mac, but to my disappointment, nothing! I still am unsure as to whether it’s actually consuming more battery life than it’s predecessor, OS X Yosemite.

One of the best features on OS X El Captian is for people who use iPhone and iPad regularly. A lot of these new features and applications are designed to be compatible with iPhone and iPads. The compatibility will be great for future users and will make them love Macs that much more.

Apple’s OS X El Capitan update is named after a ginormous rock formation in Yosemite National park. And its reputation serves it well, because this update is great. It fixes a ton of bugs, and adds a handful of useful features that we once loathed other laptops for having. The update and its features are something that we should have seen many updates ago, but hey, you know what they say, it’s better late than never. But don’t take it from me; download this free and useful software update if you haven’t already and start loving your Mac even more.

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