If you are looking for a phone that has a “wow” factor then LG V10 has to be the perfect phone. This is one phone which has been building up quite a hype before its release and now I can finally say why. It looks pretty good, the design is quite unique and the features are impressive as well.

The amount of time and effort that LG has invested in the V10 can be easily seen with its double screen and the highly impressive camera. So how well has the V10 done? Let us take a look.


The design of the V10 has to be the talking point of this phone. It is a big, rugged phone that was built for rough use and hardship. If you are the kind of person who drops their phone every once in a while and need something solid, then go out there and buy the V10.

The framework of the phone is made from 316L stainless steel that extends out to the sides of the phone. Normally LG uses a plastic cover for the backside of the phone but in case of the V10, it has gone missing. Its place has been taken by a material called Dura Skin and it covers the panel and the screen. Dura Skin has a silicone like feel to it except that it is twice as hard as plastic and 10 times the strength of aluminum. Talk about a tough body!

The best thing about this new material is that it does not get caught up in pocket linings or inside a bag. The downside of this is that it makes the phone a bit bulkier. I kept it in my right pocket and I could actually feel the weight of the phone hanging down. The phone is also nearly 6 inches in height making it quite difficult to hold with one hand. In fact, I couldn’t hold it with one hand at all.


The main feature of the LG V10 is the dual screen that it uses. The first main screen is a 5.7 inch display. It is a G4 Quad HD display that has got brilliant colors to go with its vibrant images. You may not find it too realistic but the quality is still great and playing games or watching videos in it will be a treat for you.

The second screen is a 2.1 inch display located at the top of the first screen. This doesn’t really have many functions other than providing shortcut buttons such as WIFI and camera icons. It is pretty useful if you are in the mood for multitasking. But it does not have any resolution to really talk about or add anything to the vibrant colors of the bigger screen.

System & Specs

LG V10 uses the hexa core Snapdragon 808 processor. It has a staggering 4GB RAM to go along with the processor. The phone is as fast as you can expect it to be. You can easily browse through various apps with zero lagging. You can turn on the music and videos at the same time and not have any problem either. I have tried playing a couple of high requirement games on the phone and they all ran smoothly. Quite a treat to use such a fast phone.

The most defining feature of the V10 is the camera. It isn’t your typical rear and front camera installed in this phone. No, you actually get two front cameras and a great rear end camera. There is the 16 mega pixel rear end camera and then there are two 5 mega pixel front camera. Now the rear end camera is absolutely magnificent. I took a couple of picture with it in auto mode and the pictures came out perfect. The quality was realistic and the colors were bright and clear. The touch focus worked pretty fast as well. Low light images are pretty great too. In fact, if I had to rate the phone based solely on the camera then the phone would get a 10/10.

The front cameras work just as smooth for video calling and taking selfies. One of the front camera is an 80 degree lens with which you can take selfies if you are alone or have one or two people with you. The second camera has a 120 degree lens which allows you to take wider selfies with more people included. In short, if you are the kind of person who likes taking pictures a lot then this is a must have phone for you. You will love clicking pictures with this.

Battery Life
For such a big phone with such a powerful engine, you would want to have an equally powerful battery running it. And LG has done just that. They have gone with a 3000 mAh battery that is bound to last you the whole day. In fact, LG has planned to upgrade the existing battery so that it lasts you through one and half a day. Now, I am very critical when it comes to battery lives. But if my phone can successfully manage to survive almost one full day with one charge then I am happy with the phone. Constantly looking a place to charge the phone while using it is a drag that I don’t want to bear.

Apart from the big size and the excess weight this phone has no downside to it. It has a splendid camera, terrific processor and a great battery life. It is durable and wont crack at the slightest drop. You can easily invest in this phone and stay satisfied for a long time.

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