Is upgrading to the iPhone 6 worth it?

Upgrading your current Android or iPhone to the new iPhone6 can be a costly trade. The carriers are offering some pretty great deals to upgrade, but it will lock you into another 2 years with your carrier. The hype regarding paying off your contract is a wonderful gimmick, but the fact is for the new carrier to buy out your contract you have to purchase a new phone through the new carrier, which just creates another contract. Staying with your current carrier may not be a bad proposition, as to lock you into another 2 year contract and especially if you are eligible for an upgrade, it may be an expense you can justify.

As you can see the pricing is pretty stable across the major carriers where the discounts come in is that the carriers are offering deals on trading in your old phone and of course the newer your current phone the higher your trade in value. Trading in Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5c ‘s can bring up to a couple of hundred dollars , bringing your cost down considerably.
The basic premise of upgrading your phone and whether you believe that the benefits outweigh the cost. iPhone users tend to be loyal to their iPhone and don’t have any desire to change to an android phone or a Windows phone.
The new iPhone6 is pretty impressive it has a processor and operating system that is amazingly fast insuring uploads and downloads are very quick. The display screen is much clearer and concise because of the way the pixels operate in the display, and the display goes all the way to the edge of the device giving it a sleeker look, and the device is thin and lightweight. The screen has fingerprint ID and there is an app called Apple Pay that links your phone to credit cards you place on file and the fingerprint ID allows you to complete purchases. The screen is specially coated to prevent fingerprints from imprinting on the glass, the home button allows you to create a pull down screen allowing you to more easily access your apps with one hand.

The upgrades to the camera are significant allowing for HD recordings, burst photography to capture active sport scenes and has one touch focus and lighting options. The camera also has geotagging capabilities in both video and photos.
The iPhone 6 comes with a new software iOS8. There have been rumors of minor hiccups in this OS but Apple has rapidly dealt with them and kept the system functioning. The system is excellent for gaming and streaming videos from YouTube, and Hulu and it can maintain the stream without buffering.

Data Storage:
Storing data can be costly. If you seriously use the data to play games you are going to want to get the 128GB model because the iPhone still doesn’t have a port for the SD card expansion of data. This puts the phone in a higher cost pattern than it would be if you are okay with less game and photo storage.
The new iPhone 6 is a bit costly but if you have an iPhone that you currently like, or an android that you are not that impressed with, this iPhone may be the phone for you.


Tell us what you think! Is upgrading to the 6 or 6 plus worth it? Do you own a 6 or 6 plus? Leave your comments below!

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