What’s new in the iPhone 7?

Till now, we knew a few things for sure and we had several speculations about iPhone 7. Now, we have a more certain idea of what the upcoming iPhone 7 may actually be.

Over the last few months, we have talked about the release date of iPhone 7. Most experts have been rooting for September, 2016. We had earlier reported that the iPhone 7 may not have a home button, it could have the screen making up for the entire fascia, the form would be slimmer and it would pack in better processors. A waterproof chassis has been on the wish list of many, especially to enhance the durability. Apple has been thinking of dumping the headphone jack and we have been expecting the D Jack or the lightning port headphones. The upcoming iPhone 7 could have wireless charging, more storage space, better battery or at least more efficient power management, more memory and a better camera. It is also expected that iPhone 7 may be aesthetically much more appealing.

There have been a few revelations in the first three weeks of January. Here’s what you can expect in your iPhone 7.

The headphone jack is indeed gone. The iPhone will be thinner or slimmer. There would be two screen sizes and an upgraded processor. We could see wireless earphones, wireless charging and we wouldn’t see it in stores before the fall. The upcoming iPhone 7 will have an upgrade and it would be called iPhone 7S.

We would find next generation A10 processors in the iPhone 7. The two screen sizes would be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. They would roll out with 3D Touch, Lightning port and Bluetooth headphones. It would have a new non-aluminum body that will improve water resistance but it wouldn’t be waterproof per-se. iPhone 7 will roll out with 2GB RAM and iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB RAM. Both would have up to 256GB of storage space and 3,100 mAh battery.

With the headphone jack gone, Apple iPhone 7 will be at least 1 mm slimmer, if not more. The Cupertino based giant is working on a technology that will assist noise cancellation for better audio quality during calls. It would also enhance music and video playback.

Some of the other notable improvements will be the upgrade of 3D Touch, integrating Touch ID fingerprint recognition, touch and display driver integration chips and an iOS upgrade.


Rumors are circulating about the new iPhone 7 and Apple has some great plans in store for the iPhone 7. The iPhone madness, however, is often a favorite part of the year, met with anticipation and excitement. While there aren’t a ton of definitive answers about the new iPhone 7, rumors are already buzzing.

The success of the iPhone product series has been so great and features have become so advanced that consumers find it hard to imagine what improvements Apple might possibly come up with for the next models. But, the developers at Apple definitely have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Release Date

If you were hoping for an iPhone 7 under the Christmas tree this year, you will have to settle for something else. The release date won’t be until sometime in 2016. While late 2016 (September) was thought to be the original due date, there are whisperings of an earlier debut. Stay tuned to TechGator.com/news for the latest iPhone 7 news.


iphone 7 home button

The iPhone 7 may not have a home button and have a more “flexible” design.


Rumors have been spreading that the iPhone 7 screen will take up the entire front. The iPhone 7 may not have a physical “home” button with a sensor instead. It seems certain that a slimmer version is on the horizon, but other details are harder to come by. It is about time for a big change in style, and Apple isn’t one to disappoint. There has been notable information leaked about the new considered designs over the past. Curved and flexible options have been explored, but are undetermined as to when they will be applied to an actual product. It is questionable if a customer base that spans so many generations is ready for a bendable mobile phone. Mother’s everywhere are probably already cringing, thinking about how much damage their toddlers could do with something of this nature. All we really know for sure is that a thinner version is inevitable in order for Apple to stay in the cellular game.

Apple has managed to come up with predictable updates with every new release, but some people predict that the latest iPhone 7 will completely switch it up with a brand new look entirely. Rumours of a completely waterproof chassis, lack of a home button, and a much larger screen have all been suggested by eager electronic specialists.


Water damage is still one of the most common reasons for cell phone deterioration. It’s not just the accidental washing machine accident or toilet drop we are worried about. A day out with a surprise rain storm can be the end of your iPhone, and all of your pictures you never bothered to back up to your computer. You might never have to wrap your phone in a plastic bag again when the rain catches you off guard.   Water resistance may be a new possibility with the iPhone 7. It’s about time.

iphone 7 headphone

iPhone 7 without the headphone jack


It’s been awhile since we all had to replace our iPhone accessories. The thought here is that lightening port headphones are the next in line for the iPhone 7. Let’s hope a pair comes with the phone purchase to get us started before all the little cute versions come out. The slimmer model of phone may be to blame for the change in the headphone port shape. You have to sacrifice something sometimes. By the time all the accessories purchases are done, we may change our mind about the thickness of the phone. This new connection for audio equipment will most likely be called a ‘D jack” in appreciation of its shape. Don’t throw out all of your other headphones just yet, there will most likely be an adaptor to accommodate your current hefty supply of earbuds. We all have a drawer full, you are not alone.

While there are more extravagant hopes on down the line for iPhone products, such as the elusive projected keyboard. These are some of the more possible recent developments. The iPhone 7 is sure to please the current the group of fans, as well as bring in a few new ones. Get ready to wait in line on release day sometime next year, although we don’t exactly know when.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 May have Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 Features

It seems we barely learn to use our present smart phone before the next big thing pending on the horizon. With the hope of new fascinating features and design options we start saving money emptying pictures off our “old” device in preparation for our new purchase. The Apple iPhone is a top commodity and make no secret of the new models. We can expect a new and exciting product out from Apple on a regular basis, and there are some new fascinating features to look forward to.

With people using their phones for increasing activities on a daily basis, there is a growing need for much larger memory storage on current smart phones.   This option is especially exciting for those of us that use phones as our major camera source. The constant storage limitations often force the deletion of favorite apps and other data to clear room on the device. Charging is also planned to be efficient, with battery power made to last longer. This will be a great relief to those of us trying to get through the day cord free.

New ports mean thinner iPhones, or at least, that’s what people are expecting. There are rumours that Apple has decided to forgo the use of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of an all-in-one Lightning connector.

In terms of memory, a significant RAM upgrade might be in the works. Seeing as that its predecessor was given a solid 2GB RAM, it’s not unlikely to see an upgraded 4GB RAM in the latest iPhone version.

Finally, the camera might also experience a few upgrades. But that’s hard to imagine considering the 6S’s camera was already pretty advanced

iphone 7

Size and Look

The new phones are getting bigger, ironic, considering the monster cell phones of the past. However, everyone wants to see bigger pictures and be able to read easier on their phones. These aren’t just phones anymore, they are mini computers. A regular voice phone call is rare, in comparison to the large numbers of texts and emails that now get sent mainly from mobile devices. The new iPhone is also expected to get thinner. The most screen space with the least bulk seems to be the new expectation. Let’s hope there is some great new protective gear to go with these thinner, delicate feeling models. Color has also been a bit of a trial with iphone products. The 5c was the one and only attempt at adding something cute and fun to the table regarding color. It didn’t last long and was outsold by the less flashy version. The new iPhone is expected to maintain the metallic color trend.

Picture Options

The camera option always adds versatility to any phone, but the new options are astounding. A built in projector on the iPhone 7 promised to deliver your photographs like never before. Presentations need minimal preparation when your pictures can go straight from your phone to your projected surface. From small to large, your pictures will be ready to be seen in any situation and at any sized needed.

The iPhone 7, using the IOS 9, is eagerly awaited by many Apple product fans. Hopefully, it will be well worth the wait and price. iPhone have pretty much held up to their expectations in the past and have a massive repeat customer base, leaving us with confidence that this en



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