We all want the latest and greatest in smart phone technology. As smart phones evolve, it can become harder to distinguish which devices are the absolute best, and smart phones move towards using similar components to stay in competition. There are two phones, which stand out above all the rest, however.

The iPhone 6S and Samsung’s S7 are the most cutting edge smart phone devices on the market today. Millions of both phones were sold across the world on the very first days after they were released to the public. This is no great surprise given their features and capabilities. For better or for worse, there are important differences and comparisons between the iPhone 6S and Samsung’s S7, which can affect any consumer’s decision when browsing for a new smart phone.

Phone Display

A phone’s display screen can be one of the most influential components when deciding on a new device. No one wants a display that is awkward, clumsy, and hard to function.

Fortunately, both the iPhone 6S and Sumsung’s S7 have hassle free display screens. Both have clear and sharp display’s, and everything you may need to access on your device is right at your finger tips.

The 6S and S7 are similar in that they offer the same basic features, such as previews of incoming messages, but only the iPhone 6S includes 3D Touch technology, which the S7 lacks.

Phone Performance

Where the S7 lacks in matching Apple’s 3D Touch technology, it more than makes up in performance. The S7 features a massive upgrade in RAM technology, holding over 4 GB of RAM, and runs at thirty percent better performance levels than its predecessor, the Samsung S6.

In comparison, the iPhone 6S runs at similar levels with 2GB of RAM, yet in this category, the Samsung S7 comes slightly ahead in performance levels.

Phone Storage

Storage is an important factor for any phone, especially when it comes to holding our thousands of pictures and songs.

For this, the iPhone 6S is the undoubted winner, as any consumer can choose between a choice of either 16GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB of storage. In comparison, the Samsung S7 only comes with a mere 32 GB of storage capacity.

Of course storage can be increased on the Samsung S7 with the use of a memory card, but even with this add-on the S7 can still not come even close with Apple’s superior internal memory.

Phone Camera

The iPhone 6S and Samsung’s S7 both come with new camera technology, especially when it comes to taking photos quickly and in low light conditions. Both devices have quite similar camera performance.

The only difference comes in the S7’s ability to eliminate low light effects more efficiently, as the iPhone 6S lacks optical image stabilization.


In all, the iPhone 6S and Samsung’s S7 are both two really great phones. Both devices are the most popular choices on the market today, and this is due to a variety of well known reasons. Although both may have their differences, on several occasions their capabilities are almost as one, and can deliver the same great performance everyone desires.

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