Which phablet is better the iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Note 5? There has been quite a rivalry going on over the past couple of years between Apple and Samsung. Their rivalry has seen their flagship products the iPhone and the Samsung S series phones go ahead to head each year to determine who has the best smartphone. This is actually good for us consumers as we get to find better and improved phones each year.

There are quite a few similarities between these products and then there are the individual specialties. All these has made it hard for the consumers to decide which one is better and which one to ultimately buy. So what’s the solution? We have taken a look at both phone side by side and come up with their pros and cons.

In terms of size, both the phones are somewhat similarly built. The iPhone 6s Plus has measurements of 158mm x78 mm x 7.3 mm. The Note 5 on the other hand has measurements of 153 mm x 76mm x 7.6 mm. The iPhone 6S is slightly bigger than the Note 5.

If you prefer a lighter phone between these two then the Note 5 is your choice. It weighs 171 grams and is 11 grams lighter than the iPhone 6S Plus which is 192 grams.


This is where the differences are more prominent. When it comes to the iPhone 6S Plus, the entire phone is made out of aluminum. The backside and the framework of the phone are made of aluminum. The Note 5 however is different. It has got a framework, which is made of aluminum, but the backside of the phone is made of Gorilla 4 glass. The usage of Gorilla glass is a signature for Samsung flagship products.

The display size of both the phones are kind of similar. The iPhone 6S Plus has got 5.5 inch display screen while the Note 5 has got a display screen of 5.7 inch. However, when I used both the phones, I felt the smaller frame of the Note 5 gave a better display to phone ratio. The iPhone 6S Plus has got a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 441 ppi. It uses a Retina HD for the display. The Note 5 on the other hand has got a 2560 x 1440 resolution 518 ppi. It uses a QUAD HD for the display. Once again, when you put both these phones side by side, the Note 5 comes out as the better looking phone. Keep them separated and you will like the vibrant images of the iPhone 6S as well.

Now, we come to the one thing that has been quite a demanding feature of smartphones nowadays; camera. The iPhone 6S Plus has a 12 mega pixel rear end camera and a 5 mega pixel front camera. Anyone who has used an iPhone knows that the front camera is absolutely great for taking selfies and doing video calling. The rear camera also took some great shots and the picture quality came out great.

The Note 5 is equipped with a 16-mega-pixel rear camera and a 5 mega pixel front camera. Now, we shouldn’t really judge a camera based on the MPs as a lot of smartphones have high MPS only to give poor quality images. However, when it comes to Samsung and their phones, you can be assured that the picture qualities are very good. In this case, they are slightly better than the iPhone 6S pictures.

Battery Life
No matter how good the phones are and whether they carry the tag of flagship product, electronic devices such as smartphones are pretty useless and frustrating to use if they don’t have good battery life. I personally look for phones that can provide me with enough battery power that will last me at least half the day. The Note 5 has gone beyond my expectations. It has got a 3000-mAh battery in it. I have run the phone all day using full brightness and Wi Fi and we the phone lasted the full day. It is perfect for people who are always outside and have little time to recharge.

iPhones are usually known for their poor battery life. Apple has heard all the complaints and they have made changes to that category. The iPhone 6S Plus has included a 2750 mAh battery. This is the biggest battery they have ever included and after using the phone for a whole day, I can say that it lasted well beyond half the day. It is satisfactory but if you are looking for something that lasts longer than Note 5 should be your purchase.


IPhone 6S Plus comes out in three different sizes; 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The Note 5 comes out in two different sizes; 32GB and 64GB.

RAM and OS

As expected, both the phones use different kinds of operating software. The iPhone 6S Plus uses iOS 9 or the Apple 9 as some people call it. It uses a 2GB RAM. Note 5 uses Android 5.1 Lollipop with the chance to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Note 5 uses a 4GB RAM thereby making it must faster than the iPhone. In fact, it is twice as fast as its competitors.

Other features of these two phones include a 3D sensitive touch that is available for the iPhone 6S Plus and front flash. The Note 5 has a stylus that comes along with it and there is wireless charging available too.


Both the phones are great in their own way. No matter how much we scrutinize the features of the phone, at the end of the day, Apple followers will buy the iPhone 6S Plus while Samsung lovers will go for the Note 5. The price of iPhone 6S Plus starts at $749 while the Note 5 is $700. The decision will likely come down to your preference of IOS vs Android.

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