It’s just been a few months since iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released, but the world can hardly wait for the successors of these smart-phones. It is speculated and widely rumoured that the successor of iPhone 6 will be called iPhone 6S, while that of iPhone 6 Plus will just be iPhone 7. In this article, we speculate specification and round up information about the iPhone 6S and 7.

Release Date

Apple has a history of releasing new iPhones on fall each year. iPhone 4S was released in October 2011, 5 in September 2012, 5S & 5C in September 2013, and 6 and 6 Plus in September 2014. So it’s easy to expect that iPhone 6S will be released in September 2015. However, some rumours dictate that Apple will release 6S in late spring alongside the iWatch, while iPhone 7 will come in fall as usual.

iPhone 6S Mini – just rumors?

Rumours of a 4-inch version of iPhone 6 with improved features have been the talk of the town for a while now, termed the iPhone 6S Mini. But no such indications of the mini phone have been seen from Apple. If Apple releases a 6S Mini, it will probably not live up to the hype and be a flop like iPhone 5C. So for now, 6S Mini is just a rumour.

Improved Processor, Battery Life & Charging

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both use 64-bit Apple A8 processor. It’s speculated that iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will come with A9 processors. This is supposed to be more energy efficient, using 35% less energy than A8, and give 20% more power. The chip will be smaller than its predecessors, thus giving more room for battery, so we can expect improved battery performance.

As of the battery and charging, iPhone 6 didn’t have the much speculated wireless charging. But it can be expected in iPhone 6S and 7. There are also possibilities of a new reversible USB charger to come with the next flagship iPhones.


iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch IPS LCD screen. We can expect the same technology in iPhone 6S, but with a different screen size. A concept image of iPhone 6S shows a 5.2 inch screen. If that is the case, the resolution would be better than that of iPhone 6. iPhone 7 will surely have a larger screen than iPhone 6 Plus. As for one-handed use, hopefully Apple will keep continuing this in the future iPhone products. Talks about a 3D Sensor in the display has filled the internet recently. This could possibly mean that iPhone 6S and 7 will employ the Force Technology from Apple Watch for better interaction between the user and the phone more efficiently.


iPhones already have brilliant cameras as it is. But with iPhone’s competitors from the Android family offering much higher quality cameras, Apple seems prepared to up their game. According to a report in AppleInsider, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will come with dual-lens cameras, which will be a huge upgrade in iPhone’s camera. This means that the back camera actually uses two sensors to capture images that are very close to DSLR images in quality. This may sound far-fetched, but such technology indeed exists and has been used last year by HTC in their One M8 smart-phone. And now Apple is picking it up. Not only that, an optical zoom feature can be predicted with the dual-lens camera. This will improve the zooming of the new iPhones by replacing the age-old digital zoom.


If the rumors around the Internet and our speculations turn out to be true, we can certainly say that iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will be able to win against their respective competitors. Whether or not Apple implements these, only time w

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