This article is going to compare the iPhone6 and its big sister iPhone6 Plus. We will look at the differences and similarities to help you decide which of these that will fit your needs.

These phones are both made of aluminum which makes the phone lightweight as well as incredibly sleek with rounded corners and a curved screen that is molded into its body seamlessly. The iPhone 6 comes in at 5.44×2.64×0.27 inches and weighs 4.55 ounces and the iPhone6 plus is 6.22×3.06×0.28 inches and weighs 6.07 ounces. The design is remarkably sleek and functional and rumors of bending a exactly that, yes it can be bent, but any high tech, lightweight computer would suffer from this kind of thing if you don’t exercise care with it.

Both phones have a Retina HD display the iPhone 6 display is 4.7 inches while the plus model is 5.5 inches. The entire screen is a backlit LED on both models. The pixels on the 6 are 1334×750 at 326ppi while the plus having the larger display has pixel measurements 1920×1080 at 401ppi. Both phones have a dual domain pixel design that allows for a wider viewing angles. The screens on these phone have a nice feature when you touch the home button the screen has the ability to pull down making it a much easier reach across the display screen. The larger display on the plus makes it fit into the category of a phablet. The phones display comes with a coating to protect the screen from fingerprints so in the competition for display it comes in as a tie.

Both phones come with an A8 chip with a 64 bit architecture platform and a M8 chip for processing motion. This platform makes the phones incredibly fast to upload and download data, and to allow amazingly functionality.

These new phones come with amazing new cameras. They have a Hybrid IR filter, true tone flashes and tap to focus capability. They have burst capability and have a sapphire lens cover to protect it from scratches. The photo and video have geotagging capability.
Data Storage
The phones come with different data storage capabilities up to 128 GB of storage. Since the phones are a unibody construction there is no ability to add storage through the use of an SD card. If you love to play games on your phone then the higher data storage options are a must.

The software is iOS8 which allows for access to all the features the software is capable of. It can hold six rows of icons above the dock. This creates the ability to have access to many more apps on the home screen. The phone’s software also supports ApplePay this app relies on the TouchID fingerprint scanner and the built in NFC scanner . It will allow you to link your credit cards and bank cards to allow for easy payment for both goods and services.

The iPhone 6 battery life is typical at about 10 hours for Apple products. The iPhone6 Plus has increased the battery life to 12 hours. As the phone is new this is Apple’s estimates and have not been tested as it has not been out long enough to provide for long term testing.
The launch of Apple’s new flagship phones is impressive, it is however pricey, with the 128 GB iPhone6 Plus being over $500.00 but if you are an iPhone loyalist and there are many out there, you won’t mind signing up for the contract term to get the discounted pricing.


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