An iPhone that keeps rebooting (often during an important conversation or ritual Facebook scan) is a frustrating problem that can leave the user confused and annoyed. Although the iPhone 6 offers many features and boasts a high storage space, at the end of the day, it’s still an electronic device with its own issues i.e. pros and cons. Offcourse there is always the option to visit your local Apple store and get some friendly staff to help you out, but if you are like me and the nearest store is an hour’s drive then this may be a last resort. In this case save your time and try out some of these top tips:

  • Make some time to clean your iPhone- This may seem like a tedious task, but trust me when I say it helps more than you know. Clear/delete unused bookmarks, cookies, cache, and messages that are cluttering your phone and filling up valuable storage space.
  • Get rid of old messages and emails- Ok, so you may have some sentimental values attached to these, but now is probably the right time to delete all old messages and emails and free up your phone and your mind!
  • Clear any website history- You may not realise but this takes up tons of space and can mess with the functions of your phone. Simply open the safari tab and clear all your old website history.
  • Delete unused apps- Many apps are downloaded in the spur of the moment (such as that fitness app you never got around to using). Apps are one of the major space-filling components of your phone and to increase the longevity of your phone get rid of the unnecessary ones—fast! A word of caution, some apps are already downloaded on your phone when you purchase them and deleting these may interfere with the function of your iPhone, so only delete the ones which YOU have downloaded.
  • Get rid of senseless Jailbreak Tweaks: You may fall prey to a range of apps to jailbreak your phone, these can cause serious issues in your phone. Delete unwanted tweaks by taking these steps- 1) Launch Lydia- Tap on installed from the bottom Menu. 2) Tap on the name of the Tweak you want to delete> Tap on modify from the Top Right Corner. 3) Tap on Remove from the bottom.
  • Re-boot your iPhone- Many of us leave our phone running for weeks or even months, but experts say it’s important to reboot your phone at least once a weak. To do this, press the sleep/wake button and Home button at the same time. Keep your phone switched off for an hour or two and then restart.

A final step you can take is not a popular one, but it has solved the bug isssues for many iPhone 6 users:

  • Reset all settings– Although all your settings will be lost, you will get to keep your data. Launch Settings app> Tap on General> Scroll down and Tap on Reset> Tap on Reset All Settings> Tap on Reset to confirm. Wait a little while for your iPhone to restart.


Hopefully your issue is now resolved, give yourself a pat on the back!

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