Technology seems to be advancing at such a rapid rate. Staying up to date with all the changes can be a bit difficult. At one time 4G was the most advanced internet, but now Google is looking to change things with 5G. This 5G will be beamed down from the sky. If you thought drone technology would bring about a lot of changes, you were right. Google has plans to use drones in order to make 5G possible. These solar drones might not yet be perfected, but the technology is moving forward. Google seems to think that 5G internet is well within reach.

Here is more information about Google’s latest project known as Skybender:

This is a new project that Google has just launched known as Skybender. It involves the use of transceivers and drones. These drones and transceivers are actually positioned within the Spaceport of America that is located in New Mexico. This is a project that has been in the works for quite a while, but it is pretty secretive and there is not a lot of information that is known. However, there has been some documentation uncovered by various sources that shows this project is in fact real.

Better Than 4G

The reason that Google has been working on this project, is because 5G internet can be so much better than 4G. With the use of transceivers and drones, it is possible for data to be transmitted at a rate that is more than 40 times faster than when it is transmitted using 4G. This means that the difference will be noticed and is a huge deal. It will make the internet much faster if using drones to transmit the data can be found to work effectively. The reason that 5G internet will make such a difference is because the current cell phone spectrum is quickly becoming overcrowded. This new technology will change things because it will make it possible for wave transmissions to be so much shorter. The mobile phone signal right now is not as short as this new signal will have the potential to be.

Skybender might be a secret Google project that not mush is known about, but it is a project that can bring about a lot of change. If you were excited about 4G technology, you should be pretty pumped for 5G technology. It will bring about quite a bit of change that should be for the better.

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