Galaxy Note Edge

The Galaxy Note Edge is one of the newer additions in the Galaxy line of Samsung. It brings about a change in design and outlook, that’s sure to grab your attention. But it is captivating enough to get your attention? The sleek and sexy curve screen is demands to be noticed. But there are other features of this phone that will make you want to buy it!
The Note Edge is pretty much resembles the Galaxy Note 4 in design; but then again you’re not tuning in to buy a Note 4. The curve on the right portion of the screen is a unique feature. And this curved design is the first in the market. The curve is sleek, almost as if it had been melted to the design. Another change you will notice if you have been a Samsung user before is that the power button has been moved to the top of the phone. Yet, this is another first for the Note Edge. You might want to take that curve into account as well as there might be a time or two when you absolute hate using it.

The Edge’s curve can mean variety of things. But you make take it either positively or negatively.

With the Quad HD+ display with 2560 X 1440 pixels, 5.6’’ display, you get realistic imagery, an update for regular old HD display. You’ll enjoy gaming experience and media viewing to your fullest. True that the curve might feel a little distracting at times and you might just activate it while watching a movie or playing games, a bit annoying honestly.

The touch sensitivity is quite good, with the screen being responsive to all the minute gestures and swipes. The Super Amoled screen allows extra sensitivity on the curve and allows it to wake up on its own without turning on the display.

The 2.7GHz Quad Core processor, SNAPDRAGON 805, the ADRENO 420 and 3GB RAM makes this a powerful phone with top-notch performance. It also provides good battery life with 3000mAh battery. On standby mode the phone lasts more than a day. The changes are aesthetic and nothing hinders the performance. The Edge gets all the attention on its curve, all the apps slide in from the edge.
The call quality is pretty decent. And like all recent Samsung devices, it comes with a heart-rate monitor. The S Pen provides stylish usage and note taking capabilities. This phablet also allows users to use the S Pen to edit any scenes and take notes.
The 16MP-rear & 3.7MP-front camera is a whopping deal to get. But there are drawbacks to it as well. The quick setting buttons are on the curve making it difficult to take pictures. Camera performance of the Edge isn’t as impressive as its predecessors, though low light performance of the Edge is better than others.
Though not everyone will like the “odd” curve with eyes catching display, top notch performance hardware, and enhanced S Pen that allows freedom of editing, it comes down to whether you want it or not!

Please tell us what you think below. Thinking about buying the Note 4 Edge? Already have it? We want to know!

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