There are many different types of Apple devices that you can own. They range from iPhones to iPads and even include iPods. No matter what you do with your Apple device from listening to music to sending messages, these devices are filled with a lot of important personal information. All Apple devices run using an IOS system, which means that you need to take careful steps to remove personal data before you sell or give this device away. Even if you do not currently use your old Apple device, this doesn’t mean it no longer contains personal data that is important.

Here are the steps that you need to take before you give your IOS device away:


Un-pair your Apple Device before Selling

Un-pair your Apple Device before Selling

An Apple watch is a really cool accessory that is compatible with your iPhone. However, if you have gotten a new iPhone, it is important that you unpair your Apple watch with your old iPhone. Unpairing your Apple watch is a really easy process and only requires you to push a few buttons on the device. The process of unpairing your Apple watch only takes a few minutes, but is a really important step that you need to take before you give your old iPhone away.


Since there is a lot of important data on your old devices that you want to keep, it is important that all data is backed up. This means that you will always have access to the data that matters most even after you give away your old Apple devices. As long as the data is backed up, it is secure. You can use Time Machine to backup your important data.

Delete before selling Apple Macbook Pro

It is also a good idea that you delete all your Apple accounts from your old devices. This can be done really easy by just going to settings a d then hitting the Sign Out icon. It is also possible for you to hit the icon that allows you to delete the account completely. Deleting your account is the best way to make sure that your Apple account is secure.


It is also a good idea to contact the carrier that provides the service to your device. This carrier can help you with the process of transferring the service to another person. As long as you are not using an SIM card with the device, the carrier can actually handle the entire process on their own.

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