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Apple Announces Recall On MacBook USB-C Cables

If you own an Apple MacBook USB-C cable, you may want to pay attention to a recent recall announcement. The company has released information recently on a problem that has been occurring with several of the USB-C cables that are currently on the market for MacBooks. If you happen to own one of these cables, and you have been experience certain problems, you’ll definitely want to see if the recent recall announcement applies to you. MacBook USB-C Cable Recall Announcement A recent design flaw has been uncovered with a range of MacBook USB-C cables. These cables have been sold...

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Apple Prepares To Open Massive Tech Center In Hyderabad India By June

Apple is preparing to open its own tech center. This massive facility is expected to cost approximately twenty-five million dollars. Assuming all goes well with the process of setting the facility up, it is expected that everything will be up and running by June.Should Apple succeed in opening this Hyderabad, India facility, it will give Apple a powerhouse foundation for their future endeavors. Apple is planning to set up its first technology development facility in India. The 250, 000 square feet facility will put them in a part of Hyderabad, India that will have them sharing a neighborhood with...

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Apple Promises 1970 Bug Solution

The 1970’s Apple bug is indeed real. Apple recently acknowledged not only the existence of the bug, but also outlined a solution for dealing with this iOS crippler for the future. Apple’s 1970 Date Bug Problem Apple recently posted a brand-new support document. Within the document, you can find information regarding the existence of this bug. Furthermore, the document also provides detail on how this seemingly minor iOS settings bug can potentially render your Apple device completely useless.   The document indicates that if you manually set your date to May 1970 (or to an even earlier date), restarting the...

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Leaked Details About the Upcoming HTC One M10

  As with every new release in technology everyone flocks to the internet to see if there is any new information about the latest device that they need to have. The HTC One M10 will be replacing the HTC One M9 and as the newest Android smartphone, it’s said to impress the masses. Through some interesting leaked documentation, we’ve found some unique information about the latest HTC phone. Phone Display   One of the biggest changes that the HTC One M10 is going to see is a change in the phone display. HTC has consistently developed smartphones that offer...

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Google Skybender Project – Ready for 5G?

Technology seems to be advancing at such a rapid rate. Staying up to date with all the changes can be a bit difficult. At one time 4G was the most advanced internet, but now Google is looking to change things with 5G. This 5G will be beamed down from the sky. If you thought drone technology would bring about a lot of changes, you were right. Google has plans to use drones in order to make 5G possible. These solar drones might not yet be perfected, but the technology is moving forward. Google seems to think that 5G internet...

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