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Rumors about iPhone SE give way to hope: will Apple continue to sell iPhone 5s at $350 or less?

Apple’s upcoming 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE, is said to be visually similar to its predecessor iPhone 5s, but with improved internal specifications, but what price should we expect for Apple’s latest smartphone? According to the experts from Wall Street, new 4-inch iPhone SE price range will be around 450$, which would mean that it could be pushing out entry level iPhone 5s, which is within the same price range. But, instead of discontinuing iPhone 5s, more than several experts and analysts are suggesting that the smart move would be to consider lowering the price, and sell iPhone 5s...

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iPhone 6S vs. Samsung’s S7: Differences and Comparisons

We all want the latest and greatest in smart phone technology. As smart phones evolve, it can become harder to distinguish which devices are the absolute best, and smart phones move towards using similar components to stay in competition. There are two phones, which stand out above all the rest, however. The iPhone 6S and Samsung’s S7 are the most cutting edge smart phone devices on the market today. Millions of both phones were sold across the world on the very first days after they were released to the public. This is no great surprise given their features and...

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Apple Reveals More On Their Secretive Chip Development Operations

When it comes to companies that people are curious about, there is no doubt that Apple is pretty close to the top of the list (if not right at the top of the list) of many individuals. Apple is certainly not ignorant to this fact.   Recently, the company decided to pull back the curtain a bit on their secretive chip development operations. The results have been nothing short of stunning.   Apple And The Secret Chip Development Operation The engineering team responsible for the customized concepts that quite simply power a significant portion of the devices used throughout...

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Apple Releases New iOS 9.2.1 To Deal With Error 53

If your iPhone has been bricked by the dreaded “Error 53”, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple is already taking steps to deal with the problem. The company has released a new version of its operating system. It is the hope of the company that in doing this, the “Error 53” will cease to be such a destructive force amongst Apple users. New iOS 9.2.1 Release The “Error 53” problem has bricked more than a few iPhones, over the course of the past little while. Apple has addressed this problem by releasing an updated version of the current...

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Apple Might Look Beyond Samsung For Next iPhone Chip

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is a strange one. At times, the companies can be found slugging it out, when it comes to who will dominate the smartphone market for the next quarter. At other times, you can find the companies working together to manufacture the chips that will power the next generation of smartphone wonders. It has been like this for a long time. However, if the current rumors that suggest Apple might be looking for a new partner to create the next iPhone chip are true, the relationship between Samsung and Apple might just enter a...

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