The market has been speculating about Apple’s foray into virtual reality. Many had said that Apple was working on VR technology in secret, as it does with most of its products. However, not much was seen on the ground or was reported by whistleblowers. Now, Apple has gone ahead and hired Douglas Andrew Bowman for VR Research. Douglas Andrew Bowman was a professor of computer science at Virginia Tech and is a respected virtual and augmented reality researcher. He has worked with human computer interfaces, three dimension environments and is an authority in the niche.

The news of Bowman being hired has sent ripples across the industry and the markets. A segment believes that Apple’s move is seen as endorsement of virtual reality, augmented reality or both as viable technology for the consumer market. It is also being seen with a glimmer of hope because Apple has a history of perfecting a technology before rolling out. Competitors are upping their guards because with Bowman in the VR Research team, there could be steadfast developments and Apple could very soon stake claim to a dominating market share in this technology segment.

It is debatable if Apple did anything that was never done before. The computer, the laptop, the music player, the smart phone and the tablet, Apple seems to have arrived second or third or later in every segment. But every segment was transformed with Apple’s advent. It did not just perfect the technology that others struggled with but also offered devices that were elegant, sophisticated and reassuring with the specs. Should Apple be able to replicate that norm with its virtual reality, augmented reality or combined tech gadgets, other companies need to brace up for a storm.

For now, Google or Alphabet and Samsung, Microsoft and Facebook, all are in the game of developing virtual reality gadgets. Some have even launched a few, like HTC and Oculus. There are VR apps available in App Store, which obviously are accessible to Apple. All the hits and misses of other brands along with the technical prowess of Apple, we can expect some amazing developments in the near future.

For the market at large, it is a great sign because Apple backing virtual reality kind of legitimizes the pursuit of such technology that many other companies had already embarked upon. Any skeptic who questioned or doubted the prospects of VR can think of another reason for now.



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