One of the best things about Apple is that they always ensure top quality products. No matter if it is their iPhones, iPods, smart watches or even their MacBook’s, you will always feel the difference in quality when compared to other brands. As a regular user of Apple myself, I can very much appreciate the tiniest details that Apple goes to great lengths to fixand ensure a smooth user experience. However, in recent times there have been a flaw in one of their products. The retina screen of MacBook and MacBook pro have been showing some faults.

The problem is that the screen of the MacBook starts to become stained. It comes off as blotches on the screen, streaks or other abnormalities. Sometimes the entire screen is effected as the surface is covered in blemishes. These kind of problems have been reported by quite a few Apple users. I myself have discovered the problem with my MacBook pro as well.

Screen Peeling Macbook PRo RetinaThe problem that I faced was that the anti-reflective coating on the screen started to peel off of my affected MacBook. Now the reason for such problems is yet to be assured of but most people are claiming that it is due to high humidity and sometimes over cleaning of the screen. Some even claim that certain environmental factors and the anti-reflecting coasting itself are also the cause for the retina screen the malfunction and thus the appearance of blotches and marks.

Whatever the cause may be, the problem has been rising among all Apple MacBook users. The cost of getting the retina screen fixed has been more than $2000 per MacBook. That is a staggering number to get the display fixed. As a result, a lot of people have started to petition Apple to take some sort of step to fix the retina screens. The official count for signatures in the petition has reached over 5000 signatures.

There have been cases where some of the MacBook pro users under the AppleCare have got their screens fixed for free. They did so by fixing their notebooks via the Genius Bar with no fee. On the other hand, some users have been told that their warranty does not cover cosmetic damage. As a result, they had to pay several hundred dollars to get their computers serviced. This has led to a lot of frustration among Apple Users.

So what have Apple one to respond to this form of complain? They have launched an Apple Quality Program. They have decided to fix all the retina display of all affected MacBook at zero cost. The user has to take their MacBook to the Apple Service Provider Stores or any place that has the official recognition of Apple and check their MacBook out. If they store determines that the screens are indeed showing signs of retina problems then they will fix it for free.

However, as it stands, Apple will not be going public with their Quality Program. This means that they wont ask you to come to them and get your MacBook fixed for free. But rather, you have to take it on yourself to go and get them checked. If you are lucky then you will probably have a brand new retina screen which otherwise would have costed you hundreds of dollars. There is a catch though; customers who have bought their computers can only return their devices if they it is brought back within 3 years from date of purchase. This means that if you have bought your MacBook in the last three years then only you can get it fixed for free. If you have bought one recently then you get one year of service time from 16th October 2015.

As I said before, Apple are known for their high quality product. So it came as a bit of shock that their retina displays were not working properly for not one but hundreds of users. Although this is not the first time Apple has launched a Quality Program issue. They have opened several Quality Program in the past whenever they have faced complains regarding their products. The most recent case apart from the MacBook retina screen is the one faced with iPhone 6 Plus’s camera. A lot of people complained about the camera quality and Apple ended up fixing that.

So, if you are a smart person and have a faulty retina screen on your MacBook then go get it checked and come home with a new display. Make full use of Apple’s good reputation and their pretty good customer service and prolong your experience with Apple products.

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