As it stands, it looks like as if Apple is trying to take over the world by releasing one electronic product for each category. We had the endless number of models in terms of iPhones. There is already the iPod. The Apple Watch has been in the market for some time now. There is also the iPad and the MacBook as well. With so many products already there, Apple has decided to launch their version of a TV. That’s right, the Apple TV is here and ready to sweep you off your feet.

Well you might be wondering what the point is of bringing a TV because most homes all across the world already has a TV sitting in their living room. Well, according to Apple, they don’t have a smart TV and thus Apple is launching their very own TV box. But the thing is there have been many smart TVs in the past and there are a lot of them in the market as well. So what’s the difference?
The difference is that the experience that Apple TV brings you is nothing like anything you experienced before. I’ll admit, I was skeptic at first and though it to be quite a waste of time and money but after using it for some time, I realized what the hype was all about. It is smoother, faster and has a lot of different things to it compared to other devices like Roku or Amazon. Those mentioned devices just stream videos from services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. But the Apple TV does a whole lot more.


TVOS - Apple Tv 2015

Apple has developed a new operating software called the TVOS for the Apple TV. This is basically 95 percent the same iOS that has been used for the iPhone with a few changes here and there. So if you are an iPhone user then you will feel almost at home while using the Apple TV. The reason for such a similarity is so that all the apps developed for Apple can be more or less used on the Apple TV. If you are using the Tv for the first time then it can be hectic to create an iCloud account and sign in. But if you have an iPhone and an already opened iCloud account then you can simply turn on the Bluetooth option and the TV will transfer in all the required details.


RemoteApple Tv Remote

What I was really impressed with regarding the Apple TV was the remote. It’s a slick looking black reactangle that has a glass touchpad at the top. Home, menu, play, and volume buttons; an accelerometer and gyroscope are placed on the remote. There are dual microphones that are used for voice commands. You can press down and make Siri do all the searching. It is basically an iPhone but in a larger screen.


Apple Tv 2015 Apps
While there is isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the outlook of the Apple TV, it is actually whats inside that counts. As I said before, the apps are what makes the Apple TV standout among other smiliar devices. You can easily ask Siri to search for certain contents and she will bring you a host of options to watch your videos from. However, as of now Siri works only with a few service provides including iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and HBO.

There are a couple of interesting apps that you should try using while on an Apple TV. These include

Zillow- If you are looking to buy some real estate then Zillow is the perfect app for you. This app basically shows you a list of real estate near you and you can see everything including exact details and prices and other listings in your large Apple TV screen. You can even scroll down with your remote when there is an overlay of information. The downside is that you can’t really make a purchase from the TV but hey, at least you are getting a good view of the properties in question.

QVC- From the little experience I had with the Apple TV I would say QVC is the best app that you can use on this new device. It’s the best home shopping app you can find. It basically mixes up real live TV feed with the option to purchase the item in view with a simple click to purchase button that can be accessed via the Apple TV remote. Even though I did not exactly make a purchase, I found it quite enjoyable to be able to buy something right off our TV with a simple click of a button.



Despite all the new features and the smooth user experience, the price of the Apple TV may be something which may push away potential customers. As expected, the Apple TV is costlier than other similar devices like the Hoku and Amazon TV. There are two versions of the Apple TV, one is a 32GB model and the other one is a 64GB model. The smaller storage space costs $149 while the larger one costs $199. Even though the price may seem a bit too steep, I still think it is well within the affordable range if you want to live a luxurious life of extremely high quality video streaming.

So the big question is, is the Apple TV worth all the fuss? Should anyone buy it? Well, the cons of the Apple TV is that its slightly expensive compared to other devices. Siri isn’t fully functional yet. However, the pros are that Apple products have always been a bit expensive compared to others but once you use it, you can see and feel the difference the higher price made. While Siri isn’t fully functional yet, Apple has announced that they are looking to improve Siri for their Apple TVs. So it is only a matter of time we get a better version of Siri. The list of apps are endless and you can actually enjoy watching great videos on the Apple TV. So would I recommend to buy it? Yes I would.

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