When it comes to companies that people are curious about, there is no doubt that Apple is pretty close to the top of the list (if not right at the top of the list) of many individuals. Apple is certainly not ignorant to this fact.


Recently, the company decided to pull back the curtain a bit on their secretive chip development operations. The results have been nothing short of stunning.


Apple And The Secret Chip Development Operation

The engineering team responsible for the customized concepts that quite simply power a significant portion of the devices used throughout the world is now better known to the world at large. They are clearly taking full advantage of the company suddenly deciding to be more open with both the press and the public.


One member described their experiences with working on the iPhone 4 A4 as akin to building the runway, just as the airplane was taking off. Jojny Srouji is just one member of the engineering team that has worked at some of the company’s biggest tech achievements. However, his recollections of what the team has done so far points to the innovation that the company has worked to build their reputation around. Bloomberg was recently invited to take a look at Apple’s chip development operations, in a fashion that has never been extended to the press or virtually anyone else before.


The breakthroughs and day-to-day tasks of the team are split between the Cupertino headquarters, and the research/development facilities that can be found in Israel. Although A-series chips are logically where the group is spending a great deal of time, Srouji suggests that the team, not to mention Apple as a whole, could potentially be working at a number of other exciting projects. While definitive specifics on the matter were not established, hints at such possibilities as new battery technologies and in-house WiFi modems were made as clear as possible.


The group continues the ambitions of Steve Jobs, particularly in terms of his belief that in order for Apple to truly revolutionary and successful, they needed to have their own silicon. They needed to have something that they could maintain absolute control over in every possible regard. The group Srouji occupies is one that maintains a hand in virtually every aspect of the development process, from industrial designs to software innovations.


Between keeping a tight rein on the purse strings, while also keeping several secret/unmarked labs in operation, Apple continues to develop and plan.


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