If your iPhone has been bricked by the dreaded “Error 53”, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple is already taking steps to deal with the problem. The company has released a new version of its operating system. It is the hope of the company that in doing this, the “Error 53” will cease to be such a destructive force amongst Apple users.

iphone error 53

New iOS 9.2.1 Release

The “Error 53” problem has bricked more than a few iPhones, over the course of the past little while. Apple has addressed this problem by releasing an updated version of the current 9.2.1 iOS. If you happen to be someone whose phone was bricked by “Error 53”, you can relax. This small-but-significant update should work to bring your phone back to life.

Keep in mind that this patched software will not be available over the air. You will also want to note that this update comes with the build number 13D20. It is currently being flagged in conjunction with a range of Apple devices, including the iPad Mini 3, the iPad Air 2, and the iPhone 6. It is likely that this update will find applications beyond those products, although nothing can be said on that aspect at this moment in time.

You should also keep in mind that while having the update applied will bring your phone back to life, you will not be able to have your Touch ID re-enabled. In order to achieve this, you will need to have the home button serviced by Apple. Accomplishing this should not be impossible by any means.

Apple has already extended an apology for any problems their customers might be having. They have made it clear that the whole headache was originally intended to function as a factory test. They have also made it clear that the problem was not supposed to impact customers in any way, shape, or form. They have also advised that if you are a customer who has bought an out of warranty replacement for your device based on the “Error 53” problem, you can contact AppleCare for more information on the possibility of being reimbursed.

The “Error 53” problem initially appeared a little over a month ago. Phones with a home button replaced by a 3rd party repair shop would suddenly fail their security validations. This in turn would render them absolutely incapable of functioning properly.

Apple’s response is hot on the heels of a recent, related class action suit.


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