The 1970’s Apple bug is indeed real. Apple recently acknowledged not only the existence of the bug, but also outlined a solution for dealing with this iOS crippler for the future.

Apple’s 1970 Date Bug Problem

Apple recently posted a brand-new support document. Within the document, you can find information regarding the existence of this bug. Furthermore, the document also provides detail on how this seemingly minor iOS settings bug can potentially render your Apple device completely useless.


The document indicates that if you manually set your date to May 1970 (or to an even earlier date), restarting the device afterwards may result in the device failing to actually boot up. Information on the bug was made available to the public, it was believed that individuals needed to have the iOS date set back to January 1st, 1970.

Although the company has yet to offer anything in the way of significant detail, they are promising to have the issue addressed and dealt with in a future software update. In terms of saving devices that have already been impacted by the bug, Apple has yet to release anything in the way of a useful solution at this moment in time.

If you have a device that runs on 64-bit hardware through an iOS 8 or 9, your product is likely going to be susceptible to this bug. The most common indicator that a device has been impacted by this glitch will be if the device is stuck on the Apple logo, and will not continue to boot up beyond that point. Using restore options does not seem to do much, in terms of addressing the problem. However, it is worth keeping in mind that for many individuals, the problem does not seem to be a permanent one. Many individuals have reported that after a certain of time, sometimes, several hours, the device seems to become functional again. Unfortunately, many of these personal stories seem to also indicate that although the device can potentially boot back up, it will not run as well as it did before. Several people have claimed that after finally booting up, the device then became sluggish in every aspect of its performance.

Further compounding the problem are the online trolls who are working to convince people to reset the date on their Apple devices. This advice should be ignored.

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