Apple is preparing to open its own tech center. This massive facility is expected to cost approximately twenty-five million dollars. Assuming all goes well with the process of setting the facility up, it is expected that everything will be up and running by June.Should Apple succeed in opening this Hyderabad, India facility, it will give Apple a powerhouse foundation for their future endeavors.

Apple is planning to set up its first technology development facility in India. The 250, 000 square feet facility will put them in a part of Hyderabad, India that will have them sharing a neighborhood with some of the giants of the tech industry. Amongst the companies that also have facilities in Hyderabad include Microsoft, Infosys, Wipro, and Cognizant.

There is a great deal about this the impending opening of this facility that is worth getting excited about. For one thing, it is expected that in addition to being located within the WaveRock area, the new Apple tech center will also bring jobs to approximately forty-five hundred individuals. It is also likely that the established facility will continue to emphasize Hyderabad’s desire to be seen by the rest of the world as a crucial hub for the development of future technologies. The area has already seen significant developments within the tech centers that can be found there. For example, did you know that Windows 10 was developed in Hyderabad?

Both Google and Microsoft have made it clear that as time goes on, they intend to devote more time and money into India as a whole. It stands to reason that Hyderabad will benefit from plans such as these. Remember that behind the United States and United Kingdom, India is the third largest area for startups. This is something that is only going to continue improving, as time goes on. The new Apple tech center in Hyderabad can certainly be seen as a good example of this.

It is also worth understanding the relationship Apple already enjoys within India. Last March, it was revealed that the company had recently surpassed the one-billion dollar mark in sales. Apple has also been working closely with the India government, in order to speed up the process of having new Apple stores built and opened throughout.

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