El Capitan may have disappointed a few but that number is almost negligible. Most people, including some of the staunchest critics of Apple, are pretty satiated with OS X 10.11. Many say that it is the best OS X till date. We don’t know the exact launch date of OS X 10.12. It could be sometime in autumn. We don’t know what Apple is likely to call it. We don’t know what features it could offer. What we do know is that we want a few new features. These features should have found a place in OS X 10.11 El Capitan but Apple perhaps did not want to do that. Here is what Apple should roll out in OS X 10.12.

  • You may like Siri or you may hate Siri, but you cannot ignore Siri. Regardless of the love hate relationship you may have or whatever your experience has been, many would want Siri to be made available in the Mac. It doesn’t really make sense. Having the feature on the iPad, iPhone and even in Apple TV and not allowing Mac users to enjoy the feature is just not cool.
  • Spotlight is a delightful feature in the El Capitan, but only when it works. Most of the time, it doesn’t work as it should. Apple should forget about adding any new features to Spotlight or do anything in that line. It should perfect Spotlight.
  • iCloud Drive is great and it is not that costly but it still takes a toll on small hard drives. Apple should allow people to move iCloud Drive to an external hard drive. Spare the local hard drive that anyway gets exhausted quickly.
  • Why in the world did Apple do away with the shortcut for Save As? It doesn’t make sense when companies try to tweak something that is so widely used and instead come up with a way that is just not good enough. No one likes the new Duplicate feature. OS X 10.12 should fix this. It should just go back to the Command Shift S function.
  • Some of the other features that we want in the OS X 10.12 are one standardized Automator, a health app like the one in Apple Watch and iOS, Dark Mode and a dedicated music app. iTunes is getting bigger and more cumbersome. It is time that Apple goes back to its original dedicated music app which has now become a jack of everything.
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