The relationship between Apple and Samsung is a strange one. At times, the companies can be found slugging it out, when it comes to who will dominate the smartphone market for the next quarter. At other times, you can find the companies working together to manufacture the chips that will power the next generation of smartphone wonders.

It has been like this for a long time. However, if the current rumors that suggest Apple might be looking for a new partner to create the next iPhone chip are true, the relationship between Samsung and Apple might just enter a whole new territory.


Will Apple Abandon Samsung For The Next iPhone Chip?

When it comes to the future relationship between Apple and Samsung, the Electronic Times released some very interesting information. A recent report from the publication indicated that the TSMC (the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will be the other company manufacturing the A10 for the impending next version of the Apple iPhone. If this report turns out to be true, then it would stand to reason that Samsung will not be involved in the creation of the chip for the next iPhone.

This change shouldn’t be too surprising to people. After all, Apple has worked with TSMC in the past. The A9 chip that can be found in both Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was created through a relationship with both Samsung and TSMC. Prior to the A9, the A8 was only supplied through TSMC.

Working with more than one manufacturing supplier naturally comes with an array of impressive advantages. Most notably, it gives a company the ability to avoid shortages. Keeping in mind the massive volume of products that Apple releases on a yearly, or even on a monthly basis, it is difficult to determine at this moment if a single company is up to the challenge of keeping Apple in an abundance of chips. Keep in mind as well that both Samsung and TSMC are free to make chips for other companies.

It is also worth keeping in mind the negotiation advantage that comes with working with multiple manufacturers. Namely, a company like Apple can seek out and obtain the best price possible, as they negotiate with multiple companies for the honor of manufacturing their chips. Apple can also take advantage of the opportunity to choose the design they feel is going to be the most efficient for their particular needs.

A10 chip production through TSMC will begin in June.



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