We still don’t have an official confirmation but most Apple enthusiasts, especially the experts who have got their earlier predictions bang on, think that we could have the iPhone 5SE launched in March and it could roll out to the stores in April.

It is almost confirmed that Apple will be launching a cheaper iPhone that would appeal to the larger audience who have till now stayed away from the flagship product of the world’s biggest tech company. It would surely be interesting to see what Apple does with the iPhone 5SE. It is trying to usurp some of the market share that is enjoyed right now by Samsung, HTC and Sony among others. Android is clearly larger than iOS and Apple would want that to change. However, Apple would be giving up on its massive margins which have been at the crux of its phenomenal rise.

Many consumer electronics brands, especially in the smart phone category, have reduced their profits to make more affordable phones and thus have not managed to stack up the kind of cash that Apple has. With the iPhone 5SE, Apple would be doing exactly what the likes of Samsung and even Sony have been doing. Would it succeed is the key question now.

Apple iPhone 5SE would bring in nothing that we haven’t seen or used already. It is quite possible that Apple will do away with some of the features that people with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S have already got. We know for a fact that Apple cannot offer any revolutionary or game changing spec in a budget phone. Would this alienate the fans of Apple? Would this impair the image of the brand that has been carefully built over the years?

Clearly, Apple is not known for making cheap products or affordable solutions. It has bucked those trends and charted its own course. iPhone 5SE clearly doesn’t adhere to that strategy. On the flipside, Apple does have the opportunity to generate millions of sales in no time. The cost has always been a bummer for a large number of people all over the world and they really don’t need every exclusive or special feature that Apple offers. They would be happy with a relatively fascinating iPhone experience if they can pay a bit less to get it in the first place.

For now, Apple iPhone 5SE with 8 megapixel camera, A8 SoC and M8 motion co-processor, Wi-Fi chipsets that we can find in the 6S and TouchID sans 3D-Touch seems to be poised for the masses. The price will be another story in a few weeks.

Apple’s New 4 Inch iPhone

Anticipations always run high when we inch loser to any new announcement or launch of an Apple device. 2016 is poised to witness many such launches. If educated speculations are to be believed, then we are up for Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6c, iPad Air 3, MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro and an iMac. We are also expecting iOS 10, OS X 10.12, WatchOS 3, tvOS 10 and a few new chipsets along with faster processors. While Apple has steadily increased the size of its flagship smartphone, it has also retained the old form factor because there is a mammoth section of its target audience who just wouldn’t want to hold any bulkier or larger phone than a sleek and nifty 4 inch iPhone.

Hence, Apple is all poised to announce its new 4 inch iPhone.

In all likelihood, we would get to witness Apple rolling out or at least announcing its new 4 inch iPhone in March. Possibly, the model will be tagged as iPhone 5SE. It is almost quintessential that Apple keeps appealing to a cross-sectional audience because any alienation on its part will create an opportunity for Samsung and HTC or even the resurgent Motorola and they would be more than happy to usurp the market share when they are struggling to report profits consistently.

The 4 inch iPhone may be announced or launched in March. If it is announced, it could be three months or so before it starts getting shipped. The 4 inch iPhone will be an upgrade from its existing 5S model. It would feature the curved glass edges as is found in iPhone 6. The front and rear cameras are poised to be 8 megapixel and 1.2 megapixel respectively. You would get Apple Pay and support for Live Photos. Apple is unlikely to have the 3D Touch Display in the 4 inch model but it would be powered by processors found in iPhone 6. Rumor mills are abuzz that Apple will make the phone in space gray, silver and rose gold. The price is expected to be somewhere close to that of the iPhone 5S. However, that will possibly vary by region.

There is a possibility that Apple will roll out the 4 inch iPhone in the stores by the end of the first quarter. That should be a nice surprise for all the fans.


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