iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini Retina Display

If you are looking for a device that not only perfectly integrates reading, web browsing and even gaming but also provides top notch security then Apple iPad mini 3 is where you stop searching. Released in October 2014, it is the latest addition to the iPad mini family. Similar in size to its previous version the mini 2, the mini 2 has amazing dimensions of 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm (7.87 x 5.30 x 0.30 in). It comes in three different color finishes. The gold color is a new addition that was not available in the previous versions. The other colors are silver and space.

The display is a brilliant retina display like most other Apple devices. The native resolution is 2048-by-1536 pixels. The total number of pixels is 3.1 million with 326 pixels per inch. Even if you don’t understand the technical details just know that it will give you an amazing movie and gaming experience. The iPad mini has been made in an environment friendly way without making any compromise to the performance. Powered by Apple A7 chipset, dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone CUP and quad-core graphics you will never complain about its performance. No matter how much of a heavy user you are, you will never find the iPad mini 3 to slow down or lag. You will also never be in trouble battery wise, as this small but powerful device will provide you up to 10 hours of battery life. So you can just go out with your iPad mini 3 without having to worry about the battery. The M7 coprocessor coupled with the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass gives you significant advantages in some apps and games which require the movement of your iPad.

Though you may not buy an iPad mini particularly for its camera, it however has who amazing cameras that are more than just competent to take high resolution pictures and videos and make video calls. Dual microphones make the audio recording of videos more realistic and dynamic. And with iOS 8 some new features like panorama make the experience even better.

With iOS 8, the most powerful mobile OS from apple till date, the iPad mini is just a ride in the park in terms of user experience. The interface is simple like all the previous Apple operating systems. The added feature in iOS 8 is however the new apps. Apps like iMovie and GarageBand is for the creative minds to unleash their creativity onto the iPad. Some of the other apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote are for the professionals. The device has great utility for people from every field. It is powerful enough to do the work of a computer while being held with just one hand.

The best feature however is the TouchID. This new feature uses your fingerprint as the password. Just my touching the home screen button you can unlock the iPad mini 3 or authorize the purchase of apps. In spite of being a little pricey at $399 the iPad mini 3 is the perfect device if you’re looking for something small-yet-powerful.


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