What can be said with certainty is that Apple will roll out iOS 10 and not indulge in any of the wild surprising acts of Microsoft, such as skipping a number for its latest generation of operating system. We can say for sure that Apple iOS 10 will roll out in 2016, possibly in beta modes before being launched completely with iPhone 7. How many existing devices get the same update remains to be seen and exactly what kind of upgrades we would get to witness can at best be speculated right now.

While many might think that it is too early to think of Apple iOS 10 since it has not been long for iOS 9 to find a foothold but if Google data is anything to go by then people inside the Cupertino headquarters are already using iOS 10 for browsing. Google Analytics has already recorded some substantial activity. Hence, it is time for us to talk about the kind of features or specs we could get in Apple iOS 10, or what we would want to get.

  • The OS X Yosemite came in with a Dark Mode. Professionals would very much like the Dark Mode in their iPhones and also on their iPads. One could debate how much intensive professional work one does using an iPhone but there is more than one reason to root for the feature to dock a darker version instead of the white menu bar.
  • Siri may have a new feature that will allow it to distinguish the voices of people accessing the service and based on past questions or search results, Siri will further customize the results or information returned.
  • Apple has had an ID system for more than fifteen years. Over the years, several new platforms have been launched by the company and increasingly people have signed onto these platforms. Many have ended up with multiple ids. It may be time to allow users to merge their own ids to have one id.
  • Apple needs to open up its doors for more third party apps. Over the years, Apple has become relatively less stringent and in addition to its high quality apps has welcomed a select inventory of third party apps. In an increasingly open world, courtesy open source solutions, one would want a few more options if not the whole open source world.

Many Apple users want a nice weather app for the iPad, multi-user support and a customizable Control Center.

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