If you own an Apple MacBook USB-C cable, you may want to pay attention to a recent recall announcement. The company has released information recently on a problem that has been occurring with several of the USB-C cables that are currently on the market for MacBooks. If you happen to own one of these cables, and you have been experience certain problems, you’ll definitely want to see if the recent recall announcement applies to you.

MacBook USB-C Cable Recall Announcement

Apple Type C Cable Recall

A recent design flaw has been uncovered with a range of MacBook USB-C cables. These cables have been sold across the world up to last summer. Apple claims that the number of cables affected is limited, but also that the impacted cables should be dealt with quickly. These charge cables were included with MacBooks that were sold through June 2015, and that a user may experience failure from a design issue. Although the specific nature of the issue has not been made clear by the Apple camp, the cable may fail to charge the MacBook at all. In other cases, it may only charge the MacBook sporadically.

Those who are keeping up with this story also know the story of the USB-C port itself. Apple introduced this port with their MacBooks in March 2015. The idea behind the USB-C port was to combine several functions associated with ports into a single port. In other words, Apple has created a port that handles power, data, input, output, accessories, and even display connections. Understandably, the whole thing has been met with a certain measure of controversy.

For those who have been dealing with the improperly functioning USB-C cables, Apple is offering those individuals a viable solution. Anyone who finds their USB-C cable to working erratically, or even not working at all, can receive a free replacement through the company. Those who provided a valid mailing address during the product registration process will have a new cable shipped to them automatically. Everyone else can apply for a new cable through Apple’s Online Replacement Process.

This news comes on the heels of another recent accessory recall announcement through Apple. The company also had to announce a recall for certain two-prong plugs, due to the extremely rare possibility of the user receiving an electric shock while handling the plug. Breakage was also reported to be a problem.

It is also worth noting Apple currently offers free battery replacements for certain iPhone devices that were purchased between Sept 2012-Jan 2013.



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