Barely a fortnight into the New Year and people got excited with a sneak peek into the 2016 MacBook Pro. Many thought it was planned while many thought it was an unintentional leak. As Apple has clarified later, the image of the MacBook Pro that featured on 60 Minutes was that of the 2012 model with a customized background. For now, it can be said with certainty that there are no pictures, leaked or otherwise, of the upcoming MacBook Pro. And if rumors are to be believed then it could be almost a year before we get to see it in stores. The upcoming MacBook Pro may not make it to the stores before December, almost making it the 2017 MacBook Pro.

Whatever we know and what we expect has certainly raised the anticipations. There are reports about 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro delays due to chips that Intel did not deliver on time. There are speculations about a 13 inch variant as well. The Skylake U Series chips have been widely written about and many are certain that the Broadwell chips will not find a place in the upcoming MacBook Pro.

There are many reports, rather conflicting, about the release date and also pertaining to certain specs. Some reports anticipate the iPad 3 and MacBook Pro to be launched simultaneously. Many think that MacBook Air 2016 will roll out first and MacBook Pro may be delayed to avoid a clash among its own products. If MacBook Air doesn’t roll out till December, then one can only guess when MacBook Pro will see the light of the day.

For now, we can at best speculate about the features. It is fair to expect the Skylake U series processor to power the MacBook Pro. It would not only increase the processor speed but also enhance the graphics. There would be a larger battery to offer more jus but it may not have a bearing on the weight. The MacBook Pro 2016 may be slimmer. The laptop will feature the latest OS X, ala 10.12 and we don’t know yet what Apple would call it after the pleasant El Capitan. It would also pack in more RAM and possibly a USB port type C.

While many would be hoping for a sooner release, that may not happen. Come March and a lot of speculations will be put to rest.

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