What do we know about the 2016 MacBook / MacBook Air?


Macbook Air Solar Power PatentRecent reports suggest that the 2016 MacBook Air may be solar powered. Here one was hoping MacBook Air to get cheaper and it does get cheaper to run should it have solar power feature but the cost is certainly not going to be any more reasonable if that is the case. The report could also be completely off the ballpark as far as some experts are concerned. What is within certainty is the announcement of MacBook Air. Most people think that it will be announced in March. Also, the upcoming MacBook Air may feature a Retina display.

The 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Air could be launched as early as March.   There is another school of speculation that thinks Apple will discontinue its Air series and will reinvent the MacBook. This school emerged after the March 2015 updates that basically offered a facelift to the inventory with a Retina MacBook featuring a 12 inch display. There were faster processors and better storage along with enhanced graphics for the existing MacBook Air but the newer generation was kept on hold. It is quite possible that Apple will surprise us all but it is almost certain that we will have another MacBook Air. The 2016 MacBook or MacBook Air will, in all likelihood, come with a Retina display and there could be more than the 13 inch and 15 inch variants. You could see an 11 inch variant.

MacBook Air is unlikely to see any further slashing of the price. The larger variant will obviously be priced higher than the existing MacBook Air prices. The cheaper plastic materials could pave the way for a reasonable price tag but the more advanced chipsets and certainly a new operating system will make a difference. Eventually, Apple will use advanced features to keep a higher than reasonable price while sticking to the entry level tag. Also, one has to factor in the Retina display which will certainly have more than a notable impact on the price. MacBook Air is getting slimmer and the size variants will certainly work in favor of consumers. We would get USB Type-C, Intel Skylake processors and more RAM. We may also get Touch ID but not 3D Touch.

Now, whether we see a new MacBook replacing the Air series or we see both or the latter in 2016 is only for Apple to tell.


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